Collections Management

Cultural Asset Management Group offers comprehensive Collections Management services including:

  1. Research, photography and inventory of your collection

    We can prepare simple listings, detailed appraisal reports or document your collection in a bound publication for you and your family to enjoy.

  2. Advice and assistance with Acquisitions, Deaccessioning and Investments

    We have access to a wide assortment of fine and decorative works of historical, modern and contemporary art.

    We are available for previewing, purchasing and selling in the marketplace on your behalf should you wish to remain anonymous.

  3. Donation Assistance

    If you are looking for tax relief through charitable donation to a museum or gallery, Cultural Asset Management Group can handle all of the details including contacting suitable institutions, providing appraisals for donation, arranging for the proper packing and shipping of the work, and ensuring that your donation is processed and a receipt is received.

  4. Estate Planning

    Collections often represent a significant portion of a family's net worth. We work with collectors and their advisers (law firms, trust departments and accounting firms) to determine strategies to manage their collections. We develop a strategy which makes it possible for individuals and their heirs to realize the full potential of their collection, from both a philanthropic and a financial perspective.

  5. Curatorial Research and Exhibition Development

    Cultural Asset Management Group has an experienced team of Museum professionals who have developed and managed both in-gallery and virtual exhibitions.

    From exhibition thesis to touring schedule, we are able provide Curatorial Research in addition to Project Management for exhibitions of any scale.


Cultural Asset Management Group uses a fee for service system which can be based on hourly/daily rates or a total project fee. We do not ever charge based on a percentage of the value of your work or collection. We can advise you of our fees once we have determined what your needs are and how much time and effort is involved.

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