How do I order Gaylord from Cultural Asset Management Group?

Ordering is easy! You may fax, email, or phone in your list of items to purchase. All we need are the item numbers and the quantity you need and we can order, or provide you with a complete quote which includes shipping and HST.

To request a free catalogue, place an order, or for any other inquiries please contact:

Joanne Nicolson, Manager, Sales & Marketing,

Phone: (905) 415-2826
Toll Free: 1-888-499-0699

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, because of the high costs of bringing goods across the border we have instituted a minimum order of $150.00 for Gaylord products.

Can I order directly from Gaylord online?

Orders placed through Gaylord online will get re-directed back to CAM Group, however it may take a couple of days. For the most efficient service it is faster to email, fax, or call CAM Group directly.

How do I pay for Gaylord orders from CAM Group?

CAM Group accepts payment by cheque and by debit, VISA, MasterCard & PayPal. All orders require prepayment. Invoicing may be possible in some circumstances.

Do I pay Gaylord or CAM Group?

Payment should be made to Cultural Asset Management Group as we are your distributor of Gaylord products.

What about U.S. Exchange, Duties, and Tariffs?

The exchange we currently charge fluctuates due to the continued weakening of the Canadian dollar. Contact us for the most current rate. Gaylord only print one version of their catalogue, so this means the pricing is in US dollars. While our competitors print a separate catalogue with up charges as high as 25%, we keep a floating exchange rate in place that only changes with significant and long term movement. CAM Group pays any and all tariffs and duties on your behalf. You will never incur unexpected or extra charges.

How long do Gaylord products take to ship?

Lead times are generally 4-6 weeks; however products that are in stock usually arrive sooner.

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted on a case by case basis. Some returns may be subject to re-stocking fees or freight costs. Custom ordered items may not be returned unless damaged or there is an error on the item which Gaylord is at fault for.

To request a free catalogue, place an order, or for any other inquiries please contact:

Joanne Nicolson.
Manager, Sales & Marketing,
Phone: (905) 415-2826
Toll Free: 1-888-499-0699